"Sheds R Us"


A welcome from the Owners of

the former Growing Garden Garden Centre:


Max and Nicky

We are very pleased you have found our site, we hope you will be able to find your way around it OK and not get confused.

If you have a problem with any of it please let us know, or any suggestions on improving it (that do not run into thousands of ££ please!)

Before you explore it, I just want you to realise that all sheds and buildings are most definitely not the same!

I receive many calls where the caller just asks how much a certain size of building is, makes no reference as to the quality and type of materials used or anything.

To my mind that is like phoning a garage and asking how much their four door family car costs!

Cars differ as much as sheds can!

If your main concern is price alone, then you are wasting your time here, go to one of the big boys whose quality is quite different to ours and is justifiably reflected in the price.

If you are more concerned about quality and value then enjoy your visit you're in the right place!

We seriously believe that you will not find better quality buildings for the same price anywhere.

We also hope our service will give you a pleasant surprise.

If you are like us, we find it more and more difficult to find anybody who believes in giving good service these days or who seems to even care about it.

We find that quite depressing!

Enjoy our site. We hope to hear from you soon.

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Some of our most popular "standard" buildings are shown below:

Our Heavy Duty Pent Store






A really useful storage unit for down the side of your house?




An example of one of


Cycle stores






A selection of standards and specials

A cycle/tool shed with double doors to the end

A large rabbit run /aviary next to a Georgian style Pent

That rabbit run - it was a big rabbit!!

And no that's not it, it's my wife!

You probably realise by now that we have a real passion for building good buildings, as do the other people we are associated with, so you can rest assured that not only are you buying a high quality building but you will receive the very best service too.

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